Per Moneeo

Composer & Sound Artist


” I am so fascinated how Music and Sound are able to affects us people in abig way. Our ears are wide open 24/7 and register every sound in our daily lifes, even though we may not be aware of it. It affects our mood, our energy, our motivation, what to feel, and even our behavior “

As a composer, sound is my main tool when composing, and it really does’nt matter if it come from a musical instrument or a recording of an every day object. The recording studio is my main tool, where i am able to tweak and shape my sounds to the music i imagine in my mind.

Sometimes the music takes the form of abstract sounds, creating an immaginary soundscape without limits. Other times i create more traditional music with strong melodies and ordinary instruments.

I keep one foot in the contemporary electronic music scene, where i’ve been active in for the last 20 years. I keep my other foot in the pop/rock production scene, where i once upon a time started my musical journey.

Interactive Art
I have a great passion for creating art-installations where the audience gets to control the art with it’s physical movements and interaction.
Some works require that you wave your arms, or move your body, to trigger the sound and videoprojections. Other installations invite you to move strange objects on a table, make music by using a flashlight in a dark room, or to grab the handle of a joystick to control the sound of a bee flying around your head.
The interactive art i produce has also been created on comission for science parks, museum, corporate events, amusement parks and other situations.
I have a range of technical solutions for outdoor installations, which has been developed during the years.
Instrument maker

What would it feel like to make music by waving your hands in front of a camera, to move a couple of yousticks, or swinging flaslights in a dark room?
Would’nt that be much more fun than stuggling with a guitar or piano?

Ofourse it would!

I love to create new music instruments that have it’s own user interface and layout.

Sound Engineer
I started my music career as a recording engineer running my own profesional studio back in the 90’s. The last 20 years i’ve been freelancing as a live sound engineer at concert venues and theatre’s.

My super power as an engineer, is that i am extrmely flexible, and have easy to adopt to very different situations, venues and setups. I make sure to be as prepared as i can for every gig, no matter how big or small they might be.

All the productions i have been working with, has brought me so much great insights in the best stage productions avaiable. That is knowledge i also bring to my artistic works, where i am able to produce live-productions with a total control of every aspect of the stage-production related parts like sound, light, video-projections and set design.